Hi im Jo

Candle maker, entrepreneur, author, bee keeper, artist, open water swimmer and mum to a very busy teen boy. I love helping women transform their lives through candle making, I’d love to help you too, let’s get started!

Candle Making Made Easy

Tired of searching 'how to make candles'

 100% guarantee with this course you will make amazing candles. 

Make a fabulous candle within an hour

Advance Candle Making

You have exhausted all the candle making courses & now looking for everything in one place to try making advanced candles

You have spent a while creating your container candles and completed the beginners candle making and you’re now ready to create different candles but you have no idea where to begin. 

Don’t worry I’ve got your back!

I’ll guide you wick by wick

Build a candle business

1.Nearing retirement but feel too young to do nothing?

2.Want to build a candle business as a side hustle?

3.Tired of the corporate rat race and want to do something creative?

4.Have young kids & babies and want to be around for them?

How to run a workshop

How to run a workshop

Already made candles and friends are asking you to teach them -


1. Step by step guides


3.Easy to follow instructions

With my 7 years of workshop experience i’ll teach you so you’ll be smoothly and confidently running your candle workshops from your own kitchen table in no time. 

Manifesting for beginners

manifesting for beginners

New to Manifesting? 

Want to learn more? 

Packed with advice and knowledge ‘Manifesting for beginners’ is everything you need to kickstart your manifesting journey.

clients that I've worked with

Hey candle lovers! 

Thinking of starting your own candle business get my 10 ways to build a profitable candle business.

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