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Candle Making Made Easy

What if you could learn to make candles that smell amazing and burn cleanly to the end?

Packed with advice and knowledge ‘Candle Making Made Easy’ is everything you need to kickstart your confidence in candle making. 

Jo will hold your hand virtually (as much as she wants to be in your kitchen with you) and take you through all the steps to creating the perfect candle.

Advance Candle Making

You have exhausted all the candle making courses & now looking for everything in one place to try making advanced candle making

You have spent a while creating your container candles and completed the beginners candle making and you’re now ready to create different candles but you have no idea where to begin. 

Don’t worry I’ve got your back!

I’ll guide you wick by wick

Build a candle business

What if you could earn money doing what you love?

You are tired of Googling ‘How to make candles’ and trawling through the 1.5m results. You have bought so much candle making ingredients and equipment you don’t know which goes with what. You have given up and packed away all your wax, wicks and fragrance. 

I hear this ALL the time

Let me take your pain away.

Online Course FAQ’S

All courses are available 24/7 on an award winning platform and via an app too. 

Absolutely, all the courses are accessible from around the world. If you life in North America and Australia there are downloadable suppliers lists. 

 I provide a list of suppliers in the UK, North America, Europe and Australia. 

You can start on your stove top with equipment you already have. I don’t encourage people to spend lots of money on needless equipment. 

 You get a simple troubleshooting download, you can also dip into the Facebook group, make sure you tag me if you want an answer from me. 

 You can download the workbook and print it off in either UK or US size.  There is a Facebook group and if you are on the Build a Candle Business course there are monthly 1-1 calls and Guest speakers who are experts in their fields such as PR, Social media and Health & Wellbeing. 


  •  Instructional videos
  • downloads
  • Links 

There are four courses on offer – A beginners Candle Making Made Easy – Advanced Candle Making  Build a Candle Business & Manifesting for beginners   

You can begin with Candle Making Made Easy with no prior knowledge of candle making, just a sprinkling of enthusiasm. 

 Yes there is no time limit on your course. You have a customer login and can access 24/4.

 All the digital courses online are non- refundable. 

 You can choose your own start date and time to learn at your own pace. 

 Each course varies, you can start with Candle Making Made Easy and make 2-3 candles in a couple of hours. Advanced Candle Making will take you a day or two to make everything. The Build a business is going to take you around 5 months  to receive each module then you’ll be working through those. 

 In the Build a candle business you get 1-1 support from me and two Facebook groups Build a Candle business & Jo Macfarlane Coaching Worldwide. In the beginners and Advanced you get Jo Macfarlane Coaching Worldwide support from your fellow makers. 

 In the beginners course Candle Making Made Easy you can order what you need as soon as you open the course. In the Build a candle business you’ll start making in Module 4. 

For the beginners Candle Making Made Easy you’ll probably have everything in your kitchen already but under £30 if you don’t have the following – 

  • Pan
  • Heatproof jug
  • spoon
  • scales
  • Measuring jug
  • Thermometer
  • Calculator 
  • Apron
  • Gloves
  • protective eye wear  

I keep it simple and jargon free. For the Advanced Candle Making depending on which candles you make there are a few pieces of equipment you’ll need to order. 

 Under £30 for the Candle Making Made Easy. Energy and enthusiasm, dedication are priceless in Build your own candle business. 

 I designed the course for you to create candles from your own kitchen table. 

 You will have to check with your landlord and insurance company. 

 Contact us within 14 days and we can support and help you. 

 Yes this is covered in the Ignite Your Creativity course. You are legally responsible to provide documentation and labelling. 

 You can be making fabulous candles in a couple of days with the Candle Making Made Easy course. 

In the Candle Making Made Easy you’ll learn how to make a classic candle, scented but uncoloured. In the Advanced you will make 9 items and two bonus items. And build a candle business course you will make all of the above and be creating your own business. 

Hey candle lovers! 

Thinking of starting your own candle business get my 10 ways to build a profitable candle business.

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