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Liberal Democrat Willie Rennie Makes candles

Liberal Democrat Willie Rennie makes candles

On Friday i had the most unusual call iv’e received so far at Candle Towers. I had to ask the gentleman to repeat himself. “Willie Rennie wants to make candles” ?

It went along the lines of a butcher, a baker and a candle maker. I guess they couldn’t find a candle stick maker. Liberal Democrat Willie Rennie wants to come and make a candle on his campaign trail.

I think i was ecstatic initially that Google actually works and all the SEO work that I have been doing to get found payed off.

Willie Rennie wants to come and make a candle

This is the embarrassing part, wait for it……”it’s a bit short notice” I said

To which the office of Willie Rennie replied “well we were not expecting an election so soon” keep up Jo!

I was delighted to accommodate Willie, the BBC, STV crews and interviewers. You couldn’t move in Candle Towers there were so many people.

It was a whirlwind

It all happened really quickly and before we knew it Willie was pouring his first candle. Under the watchful eye of two huge cameras. No pressure! They then went on to interview Willie on immigration in my studio.

A huge bag of freshly baked scones in hand and off they went.

All very exciting and a complete privilege to experience.




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