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Why can't I smell my candle

Why can’t I smell my candle?

There are a lot of factors to consider here.

Why can't I smell my candle
Why can’t I smell my candle?

  • Quality of fragrance oil
  • Which wax is used
  • Percentage of fragrance oil
  • Size of the room that the candle is lit in.
  • Has the candle been fragranced all the way through
  • Where the candle is placed in the room.
  • How many wicks your candle has
  • Shape and style of candle
  • Size of wick in the candle
  • Change your candles

Quality – When you buy your candle from a reputable company you ensure that the quality of the oil is high.

Paraffin wax burns hotter than soy waxes so gives a larger scent throw.

Candles are fragranced around 8-10 % and some can be as little as 2%

If you are burning candles in a room with high ceilings you will need more than a smaller room like a downstairs loo.

Some companies only scent the top 2mm of the candle and the rest of the candle wax is unscented. Sometimes just the wick is coated in fragrance oil.

Heat and the fragrance from your candle rises so if your candle is placed on a low coffee table you are more likely to smell it than on a higher shelf or sideboard.

If you have a larger room or like a stronger scent consider lighting a triple + wick candle rather than a single wick.

Wider based candles that hold multi wick give a larger scent throw than a small votive.

If the correct size of wick is used the entire top of the candle will pool and therefore give a great scent throw.

When you burn the same candle all the time you can become ‘nose blind’

my candle doesn't smell
Place your candle on lower tables for a great scent throw.

Picture credits Anna Shvet & Roberto Nickson

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