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Let me guess – you spend a lot of time and effort searching online for lessons on how to make a candle, purchasing lots of different ingredients then you become stuck because you don’t know which instructions and materials go together so you end up contacting me. This happens all the time that’s why I wanted to simplify it for you.

Candle Making Made Easy

If you haven’t created a candle in your life before it would be a great place for you to begin with the Candle Making Made Easy course. This is equivalent to the in-person Beginners candle making.

You will learn how to make a gorgeous candle in simple easy steps. Your course which you have lifetime access to 24/7 consists of

12 mini videos that are transcribed so you can just read the instructions if you find it easier.

Supplier download (UK, US & Australia suppliers)

Equipment list download

Health and safety download

Workbook (US & UK size)

Access to the Jo Macfarlane Coaching Facebook group.



Advanced Candle Making

If you have already been making candles for a while then this is the course for you, please start with the Candle Making Made Easy first if you haven’t made before as the Advanced Candle Making course doesn’t teach you how to make a simple candle.

The great thing about this online course is that you get to make an additional 2 items and 2 bonus items that you just wouldn’t have the time to make in the studio based Advanced course.

You will learn how to make:

1. Pillar candle

2.Multiwick candle

3.Colouring a candle

4. Diffuser

5. Wax melts

6. Own vessel

7 Beeswax wrap candle

8. Embed mold candle

9. Wood wick candle

*2 Bonus items

You will have the same downloads as above.


Build a candle business

Build a candle business from your Kitchen table in 3 months

This intensive course is designed to fast track you to give you a foundation to start your own candle making business.

A firm foundation

  • We start at the beginning by getting the fundamentals right and develop a sound business plan with correct product pricing from the beginning so you can grow a profitable business designed to pay you a salary.

Creating a professional product

  • You will learn all elements of successful candle making so you make professional candles every time whether it’s 50 or 500 candles. 
  • Displaying your product well is essential and I share my tips and tricks on how to get quality product shots without the need to hire an expensive photographer. 

Getting noticed 

  • When you’re ready to launch your product I share with you how to get media coverage, how to handle trade fairs and so much more. 
  • You’ll learn how to build a tribe of raving fans on social media.
  • I’ll even give you tips to help you get out in front of the camera. Don’t be shy now. 

The course is delivered on a multi award winning platform available to access 24/7 lifetime access with app access.

 You’ll receive a new module every 2 weeks, 12 modules in total, you can work on what is relevant without the feeling of being overwhelmed.

In the Build a candle business ‘Ignite Tribe’ Facebook you’ll get reminders to up coming awards, events, tips and I post Private Label jobs that are aligned with you.

Build a candle business


I look forward to welcoming to you whichever course is best for you at this time, if you are unsure or have further questions please email me jo@jomacfarlane.com i’d be delighted to answer any questions you have. or book a call with me here – BOOK CALL

Shine bright

Jo xxx

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