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Where can I buy my candle supplies from?

Soy Wax flakes
Soy wax

Selecting a reliable and high-quality supplier is a critical aspect of running a successful candle business. The choice of supplier can significantly impact the overall quality of your candles, customer satisfaction, and the long-term success of your venture. It’s so important to gain confidence in your supplier.

1. A reputable supplier ensures consistent quality in the materials they provide. Whether it’s the wax, wicks, fragrance oils, or any other components, consistency is paramount for producing candles that meet or exceed customer expectations. This reliability in quality contributes to building trust with your customer base. I know that if I purchase oil from my favoured supplier Scent Perfique today the scent will be the same next year and the performance in a candle will be fantastic.

2. The integrity of your candles depends on the quality of the materials used. London Candle Supplies are a great supplier for new and exciting glasses. A reliable supplier ensures that the supplies are suitable for candle making. This is crucial for creating candles that are reliable and maintain their structural integrity throughout their use.

3. For a smooth and efficient production process, it is essential to have a supplier that you have confidence in who can deliver materials on time. Delays in the supply chain can disrupt production schedules, leading to potential loss of sales or clients. A good supplier understands the importance of timely deliveries, helping you maintain a steady production flow.

4. Establishing a relationship with a reputable supplier can contribute to cost efficiency in the long run. Negotiating favourable terms, bulk purchase discounts, or finding suppliers with competitive pricing allows you to optimise your production costs, ultimately improving your profit margins.

5. A reliable supplier often keeps abreast of industry trends and new materials. This can be invaluable for staying competitive and innovative in the market. Whether it’s the latest eco-friendly waxes or trending fragrances, having a supplier who introduces you to new materials and ideas can give your candle business a competitive edge.

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6. The candle industry is subject to various regulations and standards to ensure product safety. A trustworthy supplier adheres to these regulations. If you purchase from an online supplier that isn’t experienced in candle supplies you might be disappointed. I have see customers purchase 20kg of wax which has 200 wicks thrown in for free, no explanation given to the size or type, then you start making candles, they don’t work out and you wonder why, you think it’s something that you have done so you then give up.

7. A good supplier is not just a transactional partner but a collaborator in your business’s success. Suppliers who offer support, guidance, and open communication contribute to a strong partnership. Whether it’s addressing issues, providing technical assistance, a supportive and understanding supplier relationship can enhance the overall growth of your candle business.

9. As your candle business grows, having a supplier that can scale with your needs is crucial. A good supplier is flexible and able to accommodate increases in order volumes, ensuring that you can meet the demands of a growing customer base without compromising on quality or timelines. I have around 6 suppliers that I use regularly (but only one for fragrance) so if something is out of stock with one I can use another.

Finding a good supplier for candles is a strategic decision that significantly impacts the success and sustainability of your business. The above are my personal recommendations. If you are located in North America, Europe and Australia I have a list of suppliers, normally included in the online candle making courses, I can email you, just get in touch jo@jomacfarlane.com. I don’t recommend using Amazon for wicks and Fragrance however if you read my BLOG- 12 things you need to build a candle business from your kitchen table you will be able to see everything I use from Amazon . Read BLOG HERE

*if you see the brand that you like on Amazon and the shipping suits you then purchase it there for convenience for example C3 Cargill wax & Goldenwax 464 container wax.


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