What’s in my suitcase

Jo Macfarlane jet

What’s in my suitcase

This post is just for fun, with the Easter Holidays underway I thought i’d share some fun suitcase packing tips. Most of the time I knew where I was going to be flying to. Sometimes i’d be jetting off with 45 mins notice to somewhere I did’t know how to spell!

As an avid global traveller and ex long haul air hostess I often have a giggle at the thought of what I used to carry with me. I still can’t pack light!

Essentials for suitcase

A door stop – this is a basic safety and you can buy intruder alerts to hang on the room handle too.

Pack for all climates! you may have packed for a few days in Barbados and end up in snow covered Denver.

PJ’s – And not sheer ones!. I sleep walked out of my hotel room in Nairobi, with very little on.  The door slamming shut behind me woke me up. With no key i had to call on the security guard for help.

Alarm clock- don’t rely on that wake up call.

Ear plugs and eye mask – no explanation necessary!

Walk from your room to the nearest fire escape, and look at the escape routes on the back of the room door.

Torch and room key by the door.

Put your passport in the safe. In order to not forget it on the way home put the shoe that you are going to wear home in there too.

Do you ever wonder what that piece of paper is beside the hotel bed? I used to have to write where i was, what day i’d got there, when i was flying next. I quite often had to call reception and ask if it was 6am or 6pm!

Leave the bathroom light on, cockroaches are less likely to come out, or you don’t get the fright when they scatter.

Write the Hotel name and address on a piece of paper and pop in your purse. Before you go walking in a city you have never visited and suddenly realise you don’t even know what Hotel you are in let alone the street. Policemen in Vancouver are very helpful!

Take the business card of the hotel in their language, BEFORE you venture to a rural market in Venezuela, and organise transport home. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Not essential but fun to pack in your suitcase

A bath plug! yes a bath plug!, many a time I have got to the Hotel after a 20 odd hour duty and have been desperate for a bath to find there is no bath plug.

Bikini and sun cream! you never know when you might end up on a beach!

Hot water bottle

Travel candle – the scents from home can be a wonderful comfort.

Pashmina – This is one thing I won’t travel without, curling up under one of these is so luxurious.

This is an embarrassing one and I threaten to lose all credibility with this one……a box of Smash! having some hot mashed potato in the middle of the night on the other side of the world can be a treat!




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