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What’s in your candle wick?

People often ask lots of questions about Candle Making but one of the fewer asked ones i’m going to share with you today is what is in a wick. “Is there actually anything in a wick” i hear you say.

There has been quite a lot of controversy regarding wicks over the years, especially with wicks that are wire cored, what that means is there is a fine wire that runs through the centre which is primarily used for keeping the wick straight during pouring session and it also creates more heat, in turn a larger burn pool (that’s a story for another time) don’t get me started.

Another which has been banned now in the states is lead wicks. The wicks that I use for candle making here at Candle Towers are braided cotton Linen wicks from a wonderful company Candle Shack https://www.candle-shack.co.uk in Scotland. They look pretty for starters and are coated in wax and don’t contain any metals.

I read the other day some interesting and shocking facts regarding scenting and wicks which i will share with you next week.

Happy Candle making!

Jo x


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