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1. Neglect Safety Precautions: Never skip safety measures. Always work in a well-ventilated area, keep a fire extinguisher & fire blanket nearby, and never leave melting wax unattended. Use protective eyewear and respirator.

    2. Use Inappropriate Containers: Never use containers that aren’t heat-resistant or specifically designed for candles. Using unsuitable containers can lead to cracking, breakage, or even fire hazards. Making candles in something you find in a charity or thrift shop is unadvisable.

    3. Ignore Wick Size and Type: Never ignore the importance of choosing the right wick size and type for your candles. A wick that is too large or too small can cause uneven burning, tunnelling, or excessive soot and mushrooming.

    4.Overheat the Wax: Heating your wax can degrade it, alter the fragrance, and create safety risks. Always follow the recommended melting temperatures of that particular wax – when you purchase from a reputable supplier it will come with all the information you need.

    5. Add Fragrance or Dye at the Wrong Temperature: Never add fragrance oils or dyes when the wax is too hot. High temperatures can cause these additives to break down or evaporate, resulting in weaker scents and inconsistent colours.

    6. Use Poor Quality Ingredients: Never compromise on the quality of your wax, fragrances, wicks, or containers. Low-quality ingredients can lead to poor performance, safety issues, and unhappy customers and clients. When you are buying from a reputable supplier you will have all the information supplied.

    7. Overload Fragrance Oils: Never exceed the recommended fragrance load for your wax. Overloading can cause the candle to burn dimly when the wick can’t keep up with the consumption of wax & fragrance combination.

    8. Disregard Legal and Labelling Requirements: Never neglect the legal requirements for candle making and selling. Ensure your products are labelled correctly with warnings, weight, ingredients, and burning instructions and address/ contact details. I also like to put a cruelty free bunny on the base too.

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