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Wet Spots on the candle glass – What it is and can you rectify it?

‘wet spots on the candles glass’ are not actually wet. Just a cosmetic issue that occurs in container candles wax has adhered to the glassware in some areas and not in others is called ‘wet spots’. Candle makers can become very tetchy at the mere talk of ‘wet spots on the candle glass’

They are also called ‘delamination’

Luxury Handmade Scented Candle
Wet spots visible at the bottom of the glassware


If the candle wax cools too quickly and at different rates, the wax pulls away creating pockets of air. This creates an uneven look round the glass. Your candles will appear perfect and maybe months later,  the spots appear due to change in temperature.

Does it affect the candle performance?

Not at all, Wet spots only affect the appearance of the candle. As long as the candle has a fabulous burn and scent throw that’s all that matters.


If your customer or you don’t mind them that’s fine, otherwise use an opaque glass that you can’t see through. You can add ingredients to the wax to create a couple of different outcomes. Pouring the wax slowly into the glassware helps, also I keep my glassware in the house (I live in a cold climate).

Keep your glassware 4″ apart so that they cool evenly to eliminate wet spots.  Some people warm the glasses before pouring the wax in and pouring at a cooler temperature helps too.

I was at a very famous department store in London last year and the customer service assistant proceeded to turn the expensive candle upside down and out pops the candle. She then invited me to ‘sniff its bottom’ thanks but i’ll give it a miss.

Here at Candle Towers we prefer to keep it simple and not add anything extra to your candle.

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