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Can I use my child’s wax crayons to make candles

Can I use my child’s wax crayons to make candles

Can I use my child’s wax crayons to make candles?

I think we are all incredibly familiar with the original Crayola Wax crayon. The stunning vibrant colours and distinctive scent. My friends were particularly lucky as they had, gold, silver and bronze crayons which I coveted. So many people have been asking “can I make a candle from all the odds and ends from my kids crayons”

Whilst I don’t advocate any of these ideas it was fun discovering peoples thoughts over the past few months. And looking at the pretty coloured candles they had made.

So crayons can be primarily made from paraffin wax and pigment.

How to make candles from crayons

1. So gather all your crayons and select a wick that is going to be a suitable size for the diameter of your vessel. You can read more about correct wick sizes in my other blogs. You can also add some other wax you might have to make it burn better.

2. Make sure your candle wick is properly attached to the bottom of the vessel using either wax glue or wick stickers. I don’t recommend using something not related to candle making like blue tack or superglue. This ensures that the wick won’t start happily swimming around the bottom of the vessel when the wax nears the end.

3. Peel or soak off the wax crayon paper wrapper.

4. You are going to need twice the amount of wax crayons/wax per vessel (fill it twice for the amount of wax melted for one vessel)

5.Always use a bain marie (pan with water) filled 1/3 full in a slow heat, don’t go for a rolling sparking boil for fear of water getting into your candle.

6. Melt until clear and pour carefully into your clean vessel.

7. Wait 24 hours before lighting. 

Why not give it a go? let me know how you get on. I found this video on YouTube to help you

Make Candles with crayons

Lighting a Crayon?

Not sure about this one, have you tried yourself? please let me know if you have tried this. Once again this isn’t something that i would try myself.




Photo credits go to Sharon McCutcheon and Hello I’m Nick


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