Mothers Day

Is a time to celebrate and express our love and appreciation for the special women in our lives, whether it’s our own mother or a special influential woman. While gifts such as cards, flowers, and jewellery are traditional tokens of appreciation, one stylish and heartfelt way to honour mums this Mother’s Day is with a fragranced candle.  Fragrances are more than just a scent; they are a way to communicate your sentiments and create special memories with your loved ones.


When selecting a fragrance for your mum on Mother’s Day, consider her individual style and preferences. Knowing her favourite notes and scents will help you decide which fragrances may suit her best. You can also try something new, such as a sophisticated and modern scent that is sure to be appreciated. 


Fragranced Candles

are far more than a simple gift. They can evoke an emotional connection and serve as a lasting reminder of your appreciation and love.


When gifting fragranced candles don’t forget to include accessories. A candle wick trimmer or dipper will help prolong the life of her candle. You can also explore other items such as an online beginners candle making course so she can learn how to make her own candles. 


My fragrance choices this Mothers Day


Peony Fresh from my childhood are these bold blooms, beautiful fluffy blooms with endless layers. Who remembers these when they were growing up? Before we get onto the booming scent I must tell you I felt sorry for the Peonies in my Mothers garden, they would get ‘peeled’ layer upon layer, (ok maybe just one or two)  I was fascinated by their form and how tightly the gentle layers grew. Sweet and Juicy with luscious full layers and hints of apple. Let my  Peony Candle will fill your rooms with scent long after your flowers have gone.

 Vanilla – Probably THE most controversial scent, are you a lover or a hater? The Vanilla from the Orchid, the name translates to ‘little pod’ It has become quite common which is a shame as in it’s original form it is the second most expensive spice after Saffron.*, or it’s artificially manufactured counterparts have. 

It’s the scent in my candle making workshops that causes the most conversation, my lovely customers can describe in great detail why they love or hate it. 

If someone is described as ‘Vanilla’ what does that conjure up for you? see what I mean? I think Vanilla should be re instated as the premium spice it is.


Comes from the latin ‘Lavare’ which means to wash.

Using Lavender to treat – 

  • Burns
  • Acne
  • Chemotherapy side effects
  • Hair loss
  • wound healing
  • Anxiety

Ooooh! another controversial scent but has so many uses. Looks gorgeous in the garden too, I love just running my fingers through it as I walk past. 

One of my gorgeous workshop attendees shied away from the Lavender scent describing a time in her childhood when her grandmother used  a certain brand of Lavender air freshener profusely before their visit on a Saturday to disguise their grandfathers smoking. 

                                                                                    Her love was like Lavender delicate and melancholy

You can cook with it, add it to body products known for it’s relaxing properties use it to enhance sleep, bees love it too as it is abundant in nectar. I love it and always have a Tisserand roller ball on my night stand for bed time with sleep inducing Lavender. It is known for treating burns and although toxic if the oil is consumed you can make a a lavender tea which has been known to help with digestion.

I was testing my new Aromatherapy candle  in my studio for burn qualities when I had a workshop starting. I extinguished it as I didn’t want the attendees falling asleep and promptly lit the enlivening one! 


 Orange Blossom – So fresh and bitter at the same time. Flower of the citrus sinensis ( Orange tree) Used in perfumes, baking and teas. 

It has long been reputed as an aphrodisiac. Orange blossom honey is created when the hives are placed in the areas that trees are blossoming. I don’t think my hive will be visiting orange farms anytime soon, we’ll stick with Heather in Scotland. 

                                                                              orange blossom mothers day

.Hyacinth – World Hyacinth Day on the 7th March (who knew?) so we had to include this heavy scented bloom. Common indoor plant at this time of year, this has reminded me to plant some in an old antique tureen I have (only if I can source the white ones), I will cover with moss on the top, make for a stunning centrepiece. Also names from Greek Mythology Hyacinthus was a young man who was killed by a discus thrown by his lover Apollo. 

“Hyacinth is so wonderful! You can get flowers with bright blue, pink and yellow flowers! It’s almost impossible to find a flower species having these three simple colours together.” – Charles Darwin 







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Anita Austvika

Loic Mermilliod

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