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our commitment to Sustainability

As the problem of climate change and global emissions isn’t going away anytime soon we’d like to show you how we are looking to reduce our carbon footprint at Jo Macfarlane Ltd. 

Here at Jo Macfarlane we use eco friendly packaging. 

we were awarded a Plastic Free award for our changes in reducing single use plastic in the business from not offering plastic bottles of water in our workshops to using pencils instead of pens, milk in recyclable bottles not cartons. 

1 We re use our in bound packaging

2. I do my best to source suppliers that don’t use plastic packaging. 

3. I offer ‘Fill it up Friday” to have your empty candle container refilled. 

So what’s new? 

You will soon be receiving Eucalyptus tree seeds with every order so you can repurpose the candle jar and grow your own. 

Eucalyptus Tree

Storage Capacity: 70 pounds of CO2 per year*

While these gorgeous smelling evergreen trees with antiseptic benefits aren’t native to our country, I have a huge Eucalyptus tree in my garden, too tall to even take cuttings from now, there are several areas where they grow quite well. They do well in dry climates and full sun or slightly wet areas with well-drained soil. They can do well in a pots, so they’re a good choice for rooftop gardens or a balcony, I have a bunch of Eucalyptus in my shower room – the warm steam releases the gorgeous scented oil from it’s leaves which is great for clearing the sinuses. 

The indigenous people in Australia use the tree to carve canoes, spears and instruments. 

*note the picture is actually from my son’s Pineapple farm (can you call 5 pineapple plants a farm?) when Brexit was imminent he asked “will I still be able to buy Pineapples”? Our local Co-Op was selling a Pineapple plant which he received which has now sprouted x 4 babies in 3 months (currently looking for a 100 acre farm!!!) 

repurposed candle jar with plant

Hey candle lovers! 

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