Ignite Your Creativity Course

Ignite Your Creativity – Build a business from your Kitchen Table in 3 months


Thinking of starting a business but have no idea where to begin or in fact what you need and in which order?

I built a business from my own kitchen table over 8 years ago and I would love to share with you all the useful and vital building blocks you need to get started.

I have been running Candle Making workshops for almost 4 years, with almost 800 attendees!!!  starting with a beginners class, then you wanted more! so I developed the Advanced class. Once you had that completed you then wanted to build a candle making business from your Kitchen Table. I couldn’t help but want to share how I built my business and share all my secrets and help you build yours!

In 4 months you will learn all the foundations to start a business from your kitchen table.

Online course FAQ’s Here 

This is a rough outline, you are offered much more than is here and content is continually added and updated.

  1. Planning Your Business
  2. Systems & Software
  3. Equipment
  4. Creating Candles
  5. Advanced Candle Making
  6. Packaging & Stationery
  7. Selling your candles
  8. Supporting you
  9. Bonus module

The course is held on a state of the art platform that gives you access around the world 24/7.

  • Each module contains at least 6 lessons in each with downloads, freebies, cheat sheets, articles and videos. It contains everything in once place that I used to build my business.
  • Once a month you get a 1-1 phone call with me to answer all of your ‘burning’ questions.
  • Facebook group so you can support each other on your journey.
  • #IGNITETRIBE bracelet when you start the course –  to simply remind yourself how awesome you are taking the steps on your new journey!
  • #IGNITETRIBE T shirt when you finish!

*Building a business takes a lot of time, huge effort and patience, I share everything in one place that I have gained in my years in business. All this information can be found out there (if you know where to look) but if you don’t know what you need you don’t know where to look. There are many ways to build a business and I am just sharing mine with you.

Course is open


Look forward to seeing you on the course!

Jo x

Here is a few words from Kelly from Rock n Rose Aromas who is one of the Ignite Your Creativity attendees – Read her inspirational story here –

My name’s Kelly and I run Rock n Rose Aromas, my own home fragrance brand, where I make soy candles, reed diffusers and wax melts. I first met Jo in Nov 2018 at her beginners course, had the best time, came home and had a lightbulb moment, thinking this is what I want to do. I was a dental nurse for 18 years but had been looking for something new for a while. I went to Jo’s advanced course beginning of 2019 and then came the testing at home for the next few months, it’s frustrating, way more difficult than it looks, and cost a bomb but we got there. I released my products in time for mothers day 2019 and it’s completely swept me off my feet since. I gave up dental nursing in June last year to run my business full time. I now have 3 stockists, Burntisland, Kirkcaldy and Leeds, and in talks just now with a further 2. I’m still working from my kitchen table which is VERY difficult, I have 2 young kids and my husband works off shore so trying to find the time and space is VERY difficult, but hopefully I’ll have a place of my own soon. The course you are about to start is amazing, I regularly look back my notes and re read articles and Jo is just at the other end of a message if and when I need her 💞 best of luck to you all, if I can do it, you all can too! I’m proud to say I’m a candle maker and business owner now with the help of Jo. Its been the best leap of faith I’ve ever taken and couldn’t be happier where its got me so far 💞 xx




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Hey candle lovers! 

Thinking of starting your own candle business but no idea where to begin?