Candlemaking Made Easy

How to make beautiful candles from your home even if you've never done it before.

Learn award-winning candle maker Jo Macfarlane’s  foolproof candle-making process so that your candles are a success every time.

Too many people attempt to make candles without being aware of the key elements that ensure their candles will look beautiful, smell divine and burn correctly.

Now that you’re here you’re one step closer to making exquisite container candles that not only you will love but your friends and family will too.

I’ve taught over 700 people to make successful candles and now it’s your time to learn.

So come and join me at my kitchen table where I started my candle making business 8 years ago as I share my knowledge with you so you can learn the art of making the perfect container candle from the comfort of your home.

In this course you will master 
  • My fail safe way to measure wax so you never run out at a crucial time.
  • Accurate wick placement so your candle burns perfectly and evenly.
  • The correct way to scent a candle: flawless aroma guaranteed for the whole life of the candle.
  • My method to achieving the perfect pour, a level candle is key to achieving a professional look.