Candlemaking Made Easy

Candlemaking made Easy


In this simple mini course ‘Candlemaking Made Easy’ you will learn everything you need to create a gorgeous scented candle in easy video steps.


As well as creating Private Label candles for Luxury Hotels across Scotland and London, selling from my own website, Iv’e  been running candle making workshops for 4 years now and well over 700 attendees have come along to learn beginners & Advanced candlemaking.


I’m here to help you! I hear ALL the time from people that they are tired buying lots of different ingredients and watching endless videos online and just become overwhelmed and stuck. It is very simple to make a candle – when you know how.

Come back to the videos time and time again with no expiry.

It’s time for me to give back, I love empowering women to improve their skills, it’s incredibly rewarding seeing people create a beautiful candle, sometimes for the very first time. People want experiences not things.

  1. Learn how to measure out the required amount of wax properly.
  2. Learn about getting the correct size of wick for your candle to ensure that all the wax is used up and your candle doesn’t tunnel.
  3. Learn how to properly scent a candle whether you are scenting 1 or 500 candles to ensure they all smell good.


So I grabbed my filming equipment and decided to film from my kitchen table knowing that you will probably make there too. This is where my candle making business began over 8 years ago.

Make with simple kitchen utensils in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Follow the 12 step by step easy videos to make a beautiful scented candle.

  • Equipment list download
  • Supplier list UK, Australia & North America of varying prices.
  • Notes list – Sharing What I use
  • Connection to the supportive Facebook group

Learn the basics of candlemaking in this mini course for £29! This link below will take you to the online platform which the course is hosted on – Happy making! Jo x

Click here to create your candles  – Candlemaking Made Easy

*This course is intended for making at home for yourself if you would like to learn more and how to sell to the public and create a business i’d love to welcome you on the Ignite Your Creativity course – Build a business from your kitchen table in 3 months.






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