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Candle wick trimmer


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Candle wick trimmer

Essential tool if you love to use candles

This candle wick trimmer is an essential tool if you love to use candles in your home. Your candle will last longer by using this great tool by decreasing the heat in a long wick, so it doesn’t burn as fast.

Stored in a gorgeous little cotton bag.

When you keep the candle wick trim it reduces the soot a long flickering wick causes. Trim each wick before lighting the second time to keep an even flame.

The angle and length means you can trim right to the bottom of your candle vessel. The shape catches all the little bits of burnt soot and stops it going into your candle. You can use scissors but its extremely awkward when the wick is near the bottom of the vessel.

These are worth their weight in gold, if you have purchased a good candle you want to take care of it and make sure it burns fully

Have a look at why its essential to trim your candle wick 

Candle hints and tips

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These wick trimmers are a gorgeous matte black.

Hey candle lovers! 

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