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Candle Wick Dipper


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Candle Wick Dipper

When you blow out a candle or use the lid to snuff it out doesn’t enhance the fragrance experience. After filling your room with beautiful fragrance, you finish the evening inevitably filling it with smoke.

My advice is to use the candle wick dipper to push the wick over and bring back up like this

Please make sure that the candle has been lit for long enough the first time to pool the wax. Ideally a good couple of hours. The candle will then burn down the side of the glass using up all the wax. Finishing with a clean glass. If you would like to learn to make your own candles click here

I also offer a refill service if you would like to drop your candles off for a refill usually on ‘fill it up Friday’ – a standard refill of a 220g candle is £9

Candle burning tips

How to get the best out of your candle

You have just purchased or been gifted a beautiful new candle and you want to make it last don’t you? Read my blog here for candle tips on how to make your candle last longer Candle burning tips

Why does my candle tunnel
Why does my candle tunnel?

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