Candle Making Kit


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Candle Making Kit

Do you want to make your own candles but not sure where to start?

This is a fantastic kit to start your own candle making.

In the Candle Making Kit you have all you need to make your own scented luxury candles at home. Why not Invite a few friends round and have a girly ‘candle making afternoon’

Whats in the Candle Making Kit?

What’s included in the Advanced Candle making kit:

  • 2 x Elegant clear Glass with silver lid
  • 1 x Aluminium travel candle with lid
  • 4  cotton linen braided wicks (Different sizes)
  • 3 metal wick placers
  • 4 wick stickers to adhere wicks to base.
  • 600g 100% soy wax.
  • Instruction booklet.
  • Thermometer.
  • Add the 50g scents of your choice for an additional £7 each
  • Matte black wick trimmers

Whats not included is another vessel which you would have enough wax to fill (around 100g)

Read my BLOG to find out how to care for your luxury candles candle tips

How to make candles

In the candle making kit is an instruction manual which details all the steps you need to take to make 4  x gorgeous 100% soy candles. Including all the information from my 7  years of candle making. All you need to provide is basic kitchen equipment like pan, glass jug and scales.

enough wax to make 3 candles
enough wax to make 3 candles of this size (but many more if you use smaller vessels.

If you would like to come along to one of the workshops, its a great place to chill and treat yourself to a bit of ‘you time’. In our fast paced lives we forget sometimes to take time out for ourselves. Come and Make luxury candles then sit back and admire them with hand made scones with coffee & tea in the morning and Prosecco in the afternoon you can book here Book here

Any questions? call me 07976881759


Candle makers checking the temperature.

If you would prefer to buy ready made luxury candles you can shop here

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