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March Member of the month

Member of the Month

  • How old is your business now Laura ? Feather & Thistle Launched in December 2020

• Has your business changed in any way since you first started out? if so in what way? It has started to grow

• What is the biggest challenge you have faced? Getting engagement on social media and stock. how did you overcome it?  Signed up for a course on social media as for the stock it’s an ongoing battle but I keep checking suppliers daily

• Tell us what a normal day looks like for you. Day and night run into one another, I’m usually up with Andrew quite a bit through the night. I have to get him washed, dressed, breakfast and medication then I start by completing any orders that have come in. I have started to use Click and Drop with the royal mail which saves a bit of time. Then its onto checking stockists for wax and vessels. I love the design side of my candle presentation so I usually spend more time than I should jotting down ideas. I make my candles and melts usually once a week if needed and I do it in bulk.

 • Which product do you like creating the most – It has to be candles for me

 • Who would you most like to meet in business? Rishi Sunak I know he’s not in business as such but I would love to meet him

 • Is there a shop that you would most like to see your products in has to be House of Bruar because of a funny story with my dad and step mum. He would have been so impressed if I sold candles there. (my dad was a very down to earth person. He had stopped at House of Bruar with my step mum on their way back from a holiday. My step mum had decided to buy a pair of gloves and was standing in the queue waiting to pay and my dad shouted to her “have you cashed you dole check yet” she was mortified and put the gloves back and left with a very red face, she still laughs about that now.

 • Has building a candle business been easier or harder than you thought? It’s been much harder than I thought. there is so much to do behind the scenes and there is so much competition out there.

• How many hours a day do you spend on your business? About 6 hours per day, although that’s usually not all at one time as I have to work around Andrew

 • Did you invest a lot in equipment at the start of the business or use what you already had? Yes I did invest in a lot at the start and it has paid off for me as time is short

 • What one thing would you say to someone wanting to start their own candle business? Check your competition, be prepared to work hard and don’t give up on a dream

 • What is your current favourite scent? It has to be “Mother” just now

• Which part of running a business do you like the most? I love the designing, the research and seeing the end product and the least? paper work

• What is your ethos? Nothing worth while is ever easy, work hard and don’t give up

Name 5 words to describe your business –  From the heart, (personal) eco friendly, quality, creative, innovative


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