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Luxury Over Necessity

Luxury Over Necessity

When you think of candles what do you think of? Floral’s, zingy citrus, masculine leather and Cedarwood? i’m sure your favourite scent springs to mind from Grannies powder puff or dad’s leather suitcase.

Lying in a bubble bath with candle light and a glass of wine? the scents transporting us to far off lands and distant memories.

Do you imagine coveting your candle only taking it out occasionally for a fleeting sniff? never lighting the creamy bare ivory wax in fear of getting a speck of dust on it?

Far away in those distant lands its a whole different story.

Candles in Africa

Candles are a major source of light in Africa, not used for aesthetic indulgence, frequent power cuts even in cities makes using candles essential.

According to the Mail & Guardian, 27 candles per year are consumed per person in sub Saharan Africa. Less than 3 in 10 Africans have electricity.

It puts a whole new ‘light’ pardon the pun on the use of candles.

Candles in Bangladesh

Let me share this wonderful story on Candle Making from Sreepur Village in rural Bangladesh. I donate to the charity through the workshops, and have visited here with my previous job. At Sreepur they have been running an Entrepreneurial Programme teaching skills not only in Candle Making but about running a business, and especially sales, maybe I can pick up some tips!

Candle Making at Sreepur



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