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On the top of your candle, you might see the fragrance oil sitting in little oily spots a slightly different colour than the wax. This is where the fragrance oil has ‘seeped’, ‘leached’ or ‘bled’ out the candle. Let’s find out the cause is and how to remedy it in your candle.

1. Temperature Changes

  • Heat Exposure: If a candle is exposed to high temperatures (unlikely in Scotland lol ) but if you have your candles in the window (try not to) wax can start to melt slightly, causing the surface to become glossy and sweaty as the fragrance oil pops up and rests on the top.
  • Humidity: High humidity levels can cause the wax to absorb moisture from the air, leading to the formation of beads of liquid on the candle’s surface, common if you have candles in your bathroom.

2. Composition of the Wax

  • Vegetable-based candles, such as those made from soy, palm, or coconut wax can be more prone to the candle sweating due to it’s instability compared with more stable paraffin counterparts I believe, however, I don’t make with paraffin so I can’t comment.

3. Scented Oils

  • Fragrance Oils: High percentage of fragrance oils or essential oils in candles can sometimes separate from the wax and rise to the surface, especially when the candle is exposed to fluctuating temperatures. Use the correct scent load for the wax/oil combination and always use a premium fragrance oil.
  • Oil Composition: The type and quality of oils used can impact how they interact with the wax, potentially causing sweating if the oils are not properly integrated. It is really important to stir your fragrance oil and wax together for at least 3 minutes thoroughly blending the fragrance oils with the wax to achieve a uniform mixture.

4. Storage Conditions

  • Improper Storage: Storing candles in areas with inconsistent temperatures or high humidity can increase the likelihood of sweating. For instance, storing candles near windows, or radiators. Storing candles in a cold storage room or garage then bringing them into a hot room would likely cause your candle to sweat.
  • Packaging: Inadequate packaging that does not protect the candles can also lead to sweating.
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Some candles come with a lid – if so, pop it on when not in use. Don’t use it to extinguish the candle. Read my blog on Extinguishing a candle.

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