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I talked to Real Business about Selling with Amazon

I talked to Real Business about Selling with Amazon

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Ahead of the Amazon Academy at the EICC in Edinburgh this week, I was approached by Real Business www.realbusiness.co.uk to talk about what had inspired me to attend the event.

I am a member of Enterprise Nation http://www.enterprisenation.com who joint hosted the event and I am currently looking to sell on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk

First of all Enterprise Nation are a fantastic resource and was delighted to see them come to Scotland. I have been to their Festival of Female Entrepreneurs in Bristol which is fantastic.

I am looking to sell with Amazon for a couple of reasons. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a high street to shop at or the ability to get to a shop.

Amazon reach into other Countries in their local language therefore making it easy to search and buy . Amazon are now the second largest search engine after Google which is especially relevant.

Fulfilment By Amazon

The FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) is incredibly appealing. Amazon  handle all your shipping to whatever country is looking for my next luxury scented candle. Consequently it means that I can concentrate on product development.  You can start by selling with Amazon on the UK site and select ‘export’ which means you are testing the water of your traction in other countries.

The Everything Store

In addition I bought the ‘Everything Store’ book by author Brad Stone before the conference. As an Amazon Prime customer and small business owner I know how easy it makes my life. I just don’t always have the time to visit 10 stores in search of gold rings for my son’s Hobbit themed 9th birthday party. So i wanted to see what it was like from a sellers point.

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