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How Toxic is my candle?

How Toxic is my candle?

How toxic is my candle is a question customers ask a lot.  Rather than ignore the elephant in the room being up front and transparent is best for Jo Macfarlane Customers. Until I started making candles I took no thought as to what the ingredients in a candle were,  buying whatever looked or smelled nice. I initially bought candle making equipment from a high street retailer (no names)

When I got home and began the research,  quickly realising the candle making ingredients I bought would be going straight in the bin.

What is a ‘toxic candle’

What is in a wick is one of the most important aspects. The first candle wicks I bought were ‘metal cored wicks’ the reason metal is put in wick is to keep it straight. Metals included zinc, tin and lead – Yikes!  To keep a wick straight is one of the most time consuming parts to candle making.

Here is an article on lead in candle wicks http://www.anapsid.org/cnd/mcs/candles

Candle enhancements 

Colour – Here at Candle towers we like nude and natural! apart from on the beach!

Candle additives – There are additives which you can add which either adhere the candle to the glass or make it pull away entirely so you can pop it out of the container, furthermore these both give uniformity if using clear glass, avoiding ‘wet spots’ Another blog you can read on the subject here http://www.jomacfarlane.com/blog I will share a complete list of candle additives in another blog, it’s quite extensive and you will have to find a ‘Sesquipedalian’ !

These include additives to make your candle burn brighter, longer, change the appearance and increase the ability of the candle to hold more fragrance.


What’s in a Jo Macfarlane candle

  • Eco soy wax
  • Fragrance not tested on animals
  • cotton wick
  • love
Where to buy your clean burning candle

Customers can buy a Jo Macfarlane clean burning candle here www.jomacfarlane.com


Hey candle lovers! 

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