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How to support a small business

Ways you can support a small business not only on on Small Business Saturday but throughout the year. For me it’s all about community – nothing beats walking down my high street and supporting the locals. Buying a gorgeous card from Gibbles, popping into our popular new hangout Bread & Butter for some delicious Avo on toast or a cheeky wee ‘fifteen’ before shopping some luxury ethical gifts at Dos Mundos. what is more important than anything is the human connections and we all need that to function. You simply don’t get connections when you have a delivery to your home. Here’s an article on Connections

Most local businesses will deliver you if you ask if you can’t get out.

  1. Write a positive review of their product or service
  2. Give a shout out to them on social media
  3. Tell friends and family about a small business you have visited or bought from.
  4. Like & Share their social media posts.
  5. Buy a gift voucher
  6. Be patient with them, we get used to the next day delivery and forget that small businesses are working all hours to get your order ready.
  7. Sign up for their Newsletters

Enjoy shopping small & local this Small Business Saturday!


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