Do you want the freedom & flexibility to work from home?


WHY – You have been making candles for a while now and looking to grow your candle business by sharing your candle knowledge, helping people learn new skills and boost your income. 

WHAT – Inviting attendees to your home, workshop or going to attendees own homes to run candle making workshops round a table. Using simple equipment and jargon free lessons everyone will have fun!

 HOW – With my step by step guides, printables and easy to follow instructions you’ll be confidently running your workshops in no time. 

I have been running candle making workshops since 2016 and want to share all my valuable knowledge and expertise with you to make it super easy for you to run a workshop with confidence. 


With questions like

  • Where would I start?
  • How would I take bookings?
  • Do I need insurance?
  • Would people want to come to my home? 
  • What would I need and what would I say? 
  • How would I know how long it takes or what I should charge? 

This course will provide you step by step instructions to give you the confidence to run beginners workshops from your kitchen table just like I did. 

  1. Organising bookings
  2. Running the course
  3. Aftercare of your attendees. 

Printables for your attendees – 

  • Workbook
  • Certificate of completion
  • Gift voucher

Printables for you – 

  • Equipment list
  • How to run the workshop
  • Your workshop in pictures.
  • How to set up your table

Hey candle lovers! 

Thinking of starting your own candle business but no idea where to begin?