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How to attach a wick to your candle glass

Creating your own candles is a rewarding and creative craft. One crucial step in this process is properly attaching the wick to the bottom of the candle glass to ensure a stable and even burn and to prevent the wick drifting to the side of the candle and potentially cracking the glass when it becomes too hot. Here are five effective methods to secure your wick:

1. Glue gun

One of the most straightforward and popular methods is using hot glue from a Glue gun. Simply apply a small amount of hot glue to the metal wick tab and quickly press it into the middle of the candle glass. Hold it in place for a few seconds until the glue sets. This method is quick and provides a strong hold, ensuring the wick remains centred as you pour the wax. Download my wick target below which you place your glass on which makes it easier to get your wick in the correct place – obviously you can only use this for a clear container.

candle target pdf

2. Wick Stickers

Wick stickers are pre-cut adhesive dots designed specifically for candle making. These double-sided sticky pads are incredibly easy to use. Attach one side of the sticker to the wick tab, peel off the backing, and press the wick into the middle of the glass. Wick stickers offer a clean and mess-free way to secure your wick. I don’t recommend the bottom picture if you are making a lot of candles as these don’t have the tab on the side which makes it easy to peel off. Buy HERE.

stick ums
wick stickers

3. Wick Glue dots

These are good but slightly harder to see, when I first tried these I thought they had forgotten to put them on the sheet. Easy to use by pushing the wick on the dot which then attaches itself rather than peeling off with your finger.

wick glue dots

4. Naked method

Pour your candle without a wick and as it begins to set push the wick through the wax to the bottom using a long bbq skewer. The already setting wax holds the wick in place. I don’t recommend this if you are first starting out as it takes a bit of practice to find the right point of setting. Also you risk the entire candle setting without a wick if you get distracted (ask me how I know).

5. Wax Glue

Wax glue ( opaque clear, white call of sticky wax) is a specially formulated wax-based product designed to stick wicks to the bottom of candle containers. Soften a small piece of the adhesive with your fingers, attach it to the wick tab, and press it into the glass. This method is ideal because the adhesive will melt and blend with the candle wax, ensuring a seamless look and no sticker to take off at the end of the burn.

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*The methods I recommend are wax glue or wick stickers.

*Candle image credit Kelsey Brown


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