Fancy running the length of Britain?

Fancy running the length of Britain?

Fancy running the length of Britain? was not a question my bestie and I would normally ask each other.

Not prone to making New Years resolutions, the challenge of running 1000 miles in a year came completely out of the blue.

I knew I could physically run the miles if I stayed injury free, and as many of you know it is mostly a  mind game.  I am lucky enough to have a running buddy Lynne who is as resilient and mentally focused as myself. We had a few other running challenges where we would ‘absorb’ the miles. We had signed up for Edinburgh marathon, New York Marathon, a couple of  half marathons, and a Duathlon.


We signed up with OCR alongside 90 others where you clocked your miles weekly. There was a little yellow pacemaker to keep you on track at about 2.73 miles a day. I think 44 runners finished in total.

On the 3rd of January I took a picture of myself so I could see the transformation at the end of the year, the results were not what I expected.

Pure Mental challenge

The hardest thing was constantly thinking about the miles, and I do mean constantly. On one occasion we were going to a 25th Wedding Anniversary about 12 miles away, and I ran there! It was definitely a mind game.

The verdict

The picture I took at the end of the year was no different to the one on the 3rd of January. Its inside your mind that changed.

I should have been sponsored by Persil & Tesco I was eating and washing so much.

If I wasn’t running or sleeping I was eating, I had the appetite of a horse!

Magnesium was a god send, kept me cramp free.

At no point did I think I couldn’t do it.

‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you’

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