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Ever wondered why the scent in your candle doesn’t last?

There are a few good reasons that your Candle scent doesn’t last

I read recently that some large candle companies (no names please) only scent the wick of the candle. Since fragrance being the most expensive aspect of candle making you could see why they would do that.

Another read found me stumbling on a company that only scents the very top layer of the candle, so although it smells delightful in the shop once you have lit it the first time, well its gone after that.

If the fragrance is added to the warm candle wax at too high a temperature the fragrance will just burn off and if it is added too low the molecules of the fragrance don’t adhere to the wax, leaving you with poor scent throw.

You need to know that your candle has good ingredients too, I get a lot of people telling me they can buy a candle worth £1.99 which is a bargain but it depends what you want.

Soy is the wax of my choice which is 100% natural wax, it has an amazing ‘cold scent throw’, in my studio I generally never light a candle as it always smells amazing from all the beautiful fragrances. It doesn’t have a strong hot scent throw because of the natural wax, not as strong as say a paraffin based wax.


Hey candle lovers! 

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