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In a reed diffuser, thin reeds or sticks are inserted into a container filled with your blended base oil and fragrance oil. The porous nature of the reeds allows them to absorb the oil through capillary action. If you want to read more about which reeds to use read my other blog HERE. As the oil travels up the length of the reeds, it reaches the top and comes into contact with the air. Gradually, the fragrance oil evaporates from the surface of the reeds, releasing the scent into the room. This process is continuous and can last for several weeks or months, depending on the size of the opening of the neck of the container and the number of reeds used. Always keep your diffusers out of sunlight and away from heat for optimum performance.

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The thing I have noticed and I have been actively observing for a few months now is the full moon phase and the increased scent throw off the diffusers. The full moon as we know has a significant impact on water due to the gravitational pull on Earth. This gravitational force is responsible for the tides in the oceans, causing the water to rise and fall. Being brought up on the beach literally my home was 20ft from the sea I was very aware of tides and enjoyed watching the constant change of the sea. During a full moon, the gravitational pull is stronger because the moon and the sun are aligned on opposite sides of the Earth. This alignment amplifies the tidal forces, so you get higher high tides and lower low tides, known as spring tides (which did you know have nothing to do with the season of spring). These changes in water levels are most noticeable in the oceans but can also affect large bodies of water like lakes and rivers (and diffusers).

The full moon is believed to affect the water content in plants and vegetables much like it affects the tides. The enhanced gravitational pull during a full moon is thought to draw more water up into the plant tissues, making fruits and vegetables that grow above ground more juicier and more robust. I believe that the diffuser oil is pulled up through the reeds to give an optimum scent throw around the full moon – You read my theory here first!

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Now that I have made you aware i’d love to know if you have noticed this too.

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Photo credit: Moon – Mike Petrucci. Diffuser – Mindaugas Norvilas

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