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blog 84 how to size a candle container

Candle making is a craft that combines science and art, and selecting the appropriate container is a crucial aspect of the process. The size of the candle container not only influences the aesthetic appeal of the final product but also affects the burn time and overall performance of the candle. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the considerations and steps involved in sizing a candle container for a successful burn.

Understanding Your Candle’s Purpose

Before diving into the world of candle containers, it’s essential to understand the purpose of your candle. Are you crafting a small votive candle for ambiance, a larger pillar candle for a centerpiece, or a container candle for a longer burn time? Knowing the intended use will guide your choices in terms of size and style.

Consider the Candle Type

Different candle types require specific container sizes to ensure optimal performance. Votive candles, for example, are typically smaller and fit snugly in small glass holders, while pillar candles may stand alone or be placed on decorative plates or trays. Container candles, housed in jars or tins, offer versatility in size and shape, allowing for customization based on your preferences.

Measure the Wax Quantity

One of the primary factors influencing the size of your candle container is the amount of wax needed. Measure the quantity of wax you plan to use, keeping in mind that the container should leave enough space for the  height of the wick if you are adding a lid. To learn how to measure the exact amount of wax join my beginners course – Candle Making Made Easy 

Wick Size Matters

The size of the wick is directly related to the diameter of the candle container. Choosing the right wick size ensures an even burn and prevents issues like tunneling. Many wick manufacturers and good suppliers like COSY OWL will provide detailed  guidelines for wick selection based on the diameter of the container and the type of wax used. It’s crucial to follow these recommendations for a successful burn.

Balance Aesthetics and Functionality

While functionality is key, aesthetics play a significant role in the appeal of your candle. Consider the visual impact you want to achieve. A tall, slender container may create an elegant and modern look, while a short, wide container can offer a more rustic or cozy feel. Strike a balance between the desired visual appeal and the practical aspects of sizing.

Test and Adjust

Candle making is a long process of experimentation, and testing is vital, especially if you are planning to sell your candles. Conduct small test batches using different container sizes ( I use a baking tray too to lay out different wick types to observe how the candles burn). Note factors such as burn time, flame height, and any issues like tunnelling or uneven melting.

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