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Can I Put Crystals in my candles?

crystals and candles

Harnessing the Fusion of Crystals and Candles

The age-old practice of infusing energy and spirituality into daily life has found a modern manifestation in the art of crystal-infused candles. This fusion combines the soothing glow of candlelight with the metaphysical properties of crystals, creating a harmonious ambiance.

Crafting the Crystal-Infused Candle

A crystal-infused candle is more than just a source of light and fragrance; it is a vessel for intention and energy. The process begins with carefully selecting crystals that align with your desires. Whether it’s amethyst for tranquillity, rose quartz for love, or citrine for abundance, each crystal is chosen for its unique vibrational qualities.

As the candle is made the chosen crystals are strategically placed on the wax, I suggested laying them on top when the candle has set sufficiently. The wax, infused with the essence of the crystals, becomes a carrier of both physical and metaphysical properties.

The Metaphysical Benefits

The marriage of crystals and candles is not merely aesthetic; it’s a holistic approach to well-being. Each crystal carries its own metaphysical attributes, and when combined with the soothing presence of candlelight, the result is a symphony of energies that can positively influence the environment.

Amplifying Intention: Crystals are renowned for their ability to amplify and channel energy. I am usually found with a whole host of crystals in my bra and pockets. When incorporated into candles, they become conduits for intention-setting. Lighting a crystal-infused candle with a specific purpose in mind, such as meditation, manifestation, or relaxation, enhances the potency of the ritual.

Balancing Energies: Crystals are believed to possess energies that can balance and harmonise the energies around them. Placing crystals within candles amplifies this effect, creating a sense of equilibrium within the space and promoting a serene atmosphere.

Spiritual Connection: Many individuals turn to crystals as tools for spiritual growth and connection. Combining crystals with candles, both of which have long-standing roles in spiritual practices, deepens the meditative experience and facilitates a stronger connection to one’s inner self.

Choosing Crystals for Your Candle

The beauty of crystal-infused candles lies in the personalisation of the experience. Whether you seek tranquillity, creativity, love, or protection, there’s a crystal to match your intention. Whether you are new to crystals or a seasoned expert exploring the diverse world of crystals allows individuals to embark on a unique journey of self-discovery and spiritual alignment.

Quartz Crystals: Known as the master healer, quartz crystals are versatile and can be used for various intentions. Clear quartz enhances clarity and focus, making it an ideal addition to candles used for meditation or goal-setting.

Amethyst: This purple-hued crystal is associated with tranquillity and stress relief. Amethyst-infused candles are favoured for promoting relaxation and aiding in the journey towards a calm mind.

Citrine: Often referred to as the “stone of abundance,” a personal favourite of mine. Citrine is believed to attract prosperity and success. Including citrine crystals in candles can be a ritualistic way of manifesting abundance and positive energy.

Rose Quartz: Symbolising love and compassion, rose quartz crystals are frequently used in candles designed for self-love rituals or to enhance the atmosphere of romance.

Candle Care and Crystal Cleansing.

To maintain the potency of the crystal-infused candle, proper care is essential. Just as candles require attention to burn optimally, the crystals embedded within them benefit from occasional cleansing. This can be achieved through methods such as moonlight bathing, smudging with sage, placing them in a bowl of salt or run under some water.

When burning a crystal-infused candle, it’s advisable advise your customers to carefully remove the crystal from the top of the candle. If the crystals remain in the candle during burning they can block the heat of the wick causing an uneven burn and ‘wax hang-ups’ down one side.


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