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Candle making equipment list

12 Things you need to build a candle business from your kitchen table

  1. Kitchen table
  2. Digital scales – This set is great off Amazon – You’ll need a set of mini scales for measuring colour chips as they are too small to register on a regular set.
  3. Pan – Non stick or regular are fine, you are just going to use it with water in (Bain Marie)
  4. Thermometer
  5. Fragrance jug – Always measure by weight rather than the measurement on the jug.
  6. Wax Melting Jug
  7. Stove top – Ideally use your own stove top but if I am running remote workshops these are perfect!
  8. Spoon – Not essential, I do recommend stirring with your thermometer as you get a more accurate reading.
  9. Calculator – Again you can use the calculator function on your phone but candle making can get messy.
  10. Glass measuring jug or use the Metal melting jug as above.
  11. Wick placer or just use simple bbq skewers like I do, cheaper and simpler. BBQ Skewers with elastic bands
  12. Storage boxes – I only use one brand The Really Useful Box Co as I think they are the best. I met the founder Mike Pickles at a Theo Paphitis event years ago and used these ever since.
  13. Plastic protective glasses
  14. Trivet for protecting your worktops.
  15. Respirator

OK I went over my 12 ideas!!! Hope this helps you!

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