Build a candle business


Thinking of starting a business but have no idea where to begin or in fact what you need and in which order? Tired of trawling the internet patching together information and ingredients unsuccessfully. 

Check out some of the amazing  businesses below that have completed the Build a Candle Business course. 

Want to know the head candle buyers of John Lewis and Liberty? I pitched to Liberty at the Best of British Open Call. There is so much more to the course than the platform, the brainstorming chats we have are amazing and will help propel your candle making. 


I have been running Candle Making workshops for over  4 years, with over 1000 attendees and 600 online in 12 countries. I love sharing my secrets with you on how I built my business to help you build yours and take it to extraordinary levels. Are you ready? 

Our course is 4 x Monthly Payments of £249. You receive a new module every two weeks.

Do you have a candle business already? maybe you want to borrow my brain and I can share some contacts and information with you? Book a ‘Pick my brains’ call for £99 for an hour of my time and let’s level up your business.

Some of the content we cover – 

  1. Planning Your Business
  2. Systems & Software
  3. Equipment
  4. Creating Candles
  5. Advanced Candle Making
  6. Packaging & Stationery
  7. Selling your candles
  8. Supporting you
  9. Bonus- 1. Make Organic liquid soap, 2. solid melt & Pour soap 3. Make your own perfume.

                                                                                         LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE BUT WITH SUPPORT

FREE Bonus stack 

  • Twice a month  1-1 phone call worth £198
  • Monthly guest speaker worth £99
  • #IGNITETRIBE apron when you start the course worth £20
  • Copy of my book Ask & Act 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs. worth £10
  • #IGNITETRIBE T shirt when you finish! Worth £20
  •  Self improvement downloads worth £40

                                                                                 SUCCESSFUL GRADUATES OF BUILD A CANDLE BUSINESS


*All our digital courses are non refundable 

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                                                                            Learn from around the world 24/7 via your phone or laptop. 

Hey candle lovers! 

Thinking of starting your own candle business but no idea where to begin?