Build a candle business

build a candle business

Thinking of starting a business but have no idea where to begin or in fact what you need and in which order? Tired of trawling the internet patching together information and ingredients unsuccessfully. 

I built a business from my own kitchen table over 8 years ago and I would love to share with you all the useful and vital building blocks you need to get started.

I have been running Candle Making workshops for over  4 years, with over 1000 attendees in 10 countries. We  started with a beginners class, then you wanted more! so I developed the Advanced class. Once you had that completed you then wanted to build a candle making business from your Kitchen Table. I couldn’t help but want to share how I built my business and share all my secrets and help you build yours!

Our course is 4 x Monthly Payments of £249. The course is drip fed every two weeks – If you want access to the entire course which is £997 please contact me for a special link. 

This is a rough outline of the course content, you are offered much more than is here and content is continually added and updated.

  1. Planning Your Business
  2. Systems & Software
  3. Equipment
  4. Creating Candles
  5. Advanced Candle Making
  6. Packaging & Stationery
  7. Selling your candles
  8. Supporting you
  9. Bonus module

The course is held on a state of the art platform that gives you access around the world 24/7 to learn at your own pace. 

  • Each module contains at least 6 lessons in each with downloads, freebies, cheat sheets, articles and videos. It contains everything in once place that I used to build my business.
  • Twice a month you get a 1-1 phone call with me to answer all of your ‘burning’ questions.
  • Monthly group mastermind session via zoom
  • Monthly social hour via zoom
  • Live expert in their field guest speaker power hour.  
  • Facebook group where I share Private Label jobs available to you. 
  • #IGNITETRIBE apron when you start the course -& copy of my book Ask & Act 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs. 
  • #IGNITETRIBE T shirt when you finish!

I look forward to welcoming you! 

Jo x

*All our digital courses are non refundable – book a call with me if you have questions about starting. 

Hey candle lovers! 

Thinking of starting your own candle business but no idea where to begin?