God's own luxury candles

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How did you decide on your name God’s Own Luxury for your business? This was one of the hardest parts of starting the business!  Myself …

top 5 scents for mothers day

Top 5 Scents For Mothers Day

      Peony Fresh from my childhood are these bold blooms, beautiful fluffy blooms with endless layers. Who remembers these when they were growing …

Top 3 tips for burning a candle

Top 3 tips for burning a candle

Choose the time you light the candle carefully – Making sure you have enough time on those first couple of burns is really important. Light …

Soboan candles

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1.How did you decide on the name Soboan Candles for your business?  I used two letters from my husband’s name, my name and our cat’s …


Roseanna Croft – Legacy podcast series


UK Health Radio – INterview

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