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What is the best way to extinguish a candle

You have purchased a beautiful candle and if you are a ‘burner’ not a ‘keeper’ you light your candle. It may be helpful to now know what is the best way to extinguish a candle.

It completely amazes me the amount of people who don’t burn a candle once they have bought it, i think my statistics show that there are more keepers amongst you. I hope that once you have been to one of the candle making workshops see here for more information workshops you will firmly be a ‘burner’. Maybe not, maybe just another to adorn your vignettes!

Please read my other blog on how long to burn a candle before extinguishing it too to avoid tunnelling like the picture here.

Why does my candle tunnel

Blowing out a candle

I don’t recommend blowing out a candle. You risk the hot molten wax going on your face and possibly the surrounding area. It also makes the wax uneven so subsequent burns are uneven.

You are also left with a smoke scented room.

Snuffing out a candle

The silver lids that can be purchased with the candles make a great snuffer, and i have always encouraged using this as a safe way of extinguishing a candle. It does mean that your wick is getting suffocated by smoke and guess what its going to smell of when you next light it.

Wick dipping

This is my new favourite craze! when the candle is ready to be extinguished, very carefully push the wick over into the molten wax then bring it back up again. Ideally use a wick dipper which you can purchase Wick dipper

So no smoke to taint the fragrance !

Wick dipping in action- 


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Hey candle lovers! 

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