Private Label Candle

Pullman Hotel London

Pullman London St Pancras

2018-09-24 10.42.19

Novotel Canary Wharf

Scottish Ladies shooting insta

Scottish Ladies Shooting Club


The Key - World Retreats

Rufflets 1924


Highland Chocolatier

Highland Chocolatier



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Fairmont Hotel St Andrews


Craws nest trust


Valerie & Iain


Read the BLOG here to find out more about how scent relates to our memories BLOG

The sense of smell is the only sense that travels through the Limbic part of the brain. When you smell something that you have had a memory with, smelling it again can evoke that feeling in an instant. So being able to capture that scent in a bespoke luxury candle means you can take the memory new or old, home with you.

Product Development

Jo can work with you to create a luxury scented candle  for corporate gifting, events and weddings. You have that scent for life, essentially creating new memories for you, especially important at a life event like your wedding day. Contact Jo to discuss Private label package options.