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Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of Jo Macfarlane Candle Maker

Jo winning Businesswoman of the year


6:00 AM – Wake Up and Morning Routine

  • Glass of my Arbonne BeWell (pond water or liquid grass as I call it) has changed my life! (Thanks Auds)
  • Meditation, Gua sha & Shakti mat
  • Gratitude journal & read 10 pages of something enriching (non- fiction only)
  • Let the hens out and breakfast of the eggs on french toast.
  • Wake up Archie at 7am

8:30 AM – school drop off

  • Then head to the gym for a workout or to the pool for a swim. I aim for 60-90 minutes of exercise followed by a cold shower.
  • Quick flick through of the glossy mags at the gym with a cuppa and catch up with friends.

11:00 AM – Head for home

  • First hour is always prospecting, answering emails and basic admin, things that need my immediate attention.
  • Update website, social media accounts and 3rd party sites that my courses are on.
  • Meetings
  • Monday is always Clarity calls, Mentoring hour & new customer calls which is so lovely getting to chat with candle lovers from around the world. Teaching my 5-9 method® Welcoming new members to the Facebook coaching group.
  • Tuesday is BLOG writing, Newsletter creating & YouTube filming in the morning- then all adapted for Pinterest.
  • Wednesday is self learning/ development day/ new skills/ podcast recordings.
  • Thursday & Friday are flexible and at the moment it is my Degree work with Napier that I do then & if I have a workshop I pack the car on a Friday and prep for that.
  • Research and write new course content, create affiliate links, check Etsy shop.
  • Create digital products, planners etc.
  • Run through ad’s & have meeting with expert advisors/ mentors.
  • New client prospecting/ connecting with my 7 step method.

1.30 Brief walk out to harbour lighthouse which I try to do after a 2 hour work session

I try to do at least one lunch & learn session a week with Enterprise Nation, women’s Networking with monthly f:Entrepreneur online breakfast session i’m a member of Edinburgh Businesswoman’s Club which I should go monthly.

Take Arbonne mushroom powder, usually with chicory blended with ice.

2:00 PM – Coffee or lunch with a Friend

  • Take a break and meet my friend at a local coffee shop, Dook in St Andrews or Bread & Butter in Anstruther.

3:00 PM – I have an Arbonne fizz stick or Mind health (3pm is usually my ‘I could go to bed right now time’)

  • I try to mix up where i’m working from so I might stand working, use a pilates ball, and my desk.
  • Placing orders for supplies for the in person candle workshops. and other follow up items.
  • I might occasionally meditate at my desk in the afternoon. I never take a nap unless i’m unwell – maybe once a year if that.

Late Afternoon

5:00 PM – Short Break

  • Take a short break to have another walk by the sea, have a snack, talk to my plants (just kidding)

6:00 PM – Finish Up Work (yeh right)

  • Wrap up any remaining work tasks.
  • Prepare any ‘to do’ tasks in my diary and time block.


6:30 PM – Prepare for Dinner

  • Start preparing dinner (with a glass of wine) then have a walk with my son Archie before or after dinner, chatting (grateful that I have a 16 year old – well on Sunday!!! who still talks to me lol) & running through lines with him.

7:00 PM – Dinner with Archie

  • Enjoy a meal together, whether home-cooked or pizza, catching up on each other’s day. Discuss plans, what shows/musicals just out, share stories, listen to music and help him with his busy diary which can entail reading in for him for audition lines which I do the self-tape filming of him too and being a general ‘momager’
  • Watch a film together or if he has revision / lines/ schoolwork/ music I’ll then do more work.
  • More visualisation, vision boarding, goal setting and goal planning for me.


9:00 PM – Wind Down

  • Start winding down for the night.
    • Meditation, Shakti mat, Gua sha & sleepy tea.
    • Gratitude journal

10:00 PM – Bedtime

  • I love a good 8 hours sleep and occasionally a ten hour one, asleep within 0.5 of a second. I am also a fan of fasting so sometimes I will eat around 4.30pm and not eat until 9/10am the next day, when your stomach is empty the body has time to do the repair work.

Every week is different but there is a basic structure. I try to have one non-alarm day a week which would be a Saturday if I didn’t have workshops on but sometimes I can go 6 weeks without a lie in.

Top Tip Gamechangers

  1. Always ‘dress to the shoes’ – I never wear slippers to work (always pajamas with high heels – just kidding)
  2. Turn your notifications off on your phone
  3. Go on a ‘news fast’ not all news is bad, but most of it puts us in a state of panic and negativity.

*This is a basic outline of what I do but in reality, I do 5 x more which includes Archies weekly trips to Glasgow to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Theatre/cinema/socialising etc etc.


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