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Bean to Candle

Bean to Candle

How Candle Wax is made from the Soy Bean.


Soy Beans growing in fields in the USA.


Around before 2000bc  the Soy bean is a small edible vegetable bean. The bean is harvested from fields, primarily grown in the States. It is crushed, cleaned, heated above 60 degrees, rolled into flakes then the oil is extracted. The oil has many purposes.

It normally takes the bean 45-65 days from sowing to harvest. Harvest begins in October. What is leftover after the process is used for animal feed.

Soy Bean Plant
Soy Bean Plant                 Source

Harvesting Soy Beans on a huge scale and smaller- I can barely watch the man in this video for worrying about his safety in this video Harvesting Soy Beans on a small scale

soy bean
Soy beans

Numerous uses

Besides using the soy bean for candle wax the Soy bean has some interesting uses, it can be used for

  1. Tofu
  2. milk
  3. Flour
  4. Astro turf (yes i know, unbelievable)
  5. Paint Balls
  6. Wood Stain

Soy as candle wax

eco soy wax candles


By the time the soy wax gets to me its had quite a journey. I love using it because of its opacity, virtually soot free, and clean burning. Longer burning as it burns lower than its paraffin counterparts, it’s not known for its huge scent throw. My particular wax will only hold 10% fragrance. Also the 100% soy wax that I use can only be used for container candles as it is quite soft. you would have to use an additive or a blend if you were to use in a pillar.  If you want to know more about candle making pop along to one of my workshops.  Its sustainable and renewable as you have seen in the videos above. It’s not derived from the crude oil industry and i love it. My customers to my candle making workshops love it too, its very nice to handle and because it comes in flakes it makes it very easy to weigh out when candle making. A few have mentioned its like ‘Lux flakes’


Hey candle lovers! 

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