Advanced Candle Making

Start Advanced candle Making here for £150

The great thing about this course is that you make an additional 4 items that you wouldn’t get the chance to create at the in-person workshops at my studio. 

Over 200 people have now completed the online courses since lock down! 

*If you are looking to sell candles then Ignite Your Creativity course is for you. 

What are you going to make?

You are going to make 9 items and two bonus items

1. Wood wick

2. Pillar candle

3, Multi wick candle

4. Embed mold candle

5. Beeswax wrap candle

6. Colouring a candle

7. Diffuser

8. Wax melts

9. Own Vessel

* 2 Bonus items

I told you there’s a lot to make didn’t I? 

Includes downloads for suppliers in the UK, North America and Australia, Health & Safety, suppliers list, candle troubleshooting guide. 

Support in the Candle Club Facebook Group

Please complete the Candle Making Made Easy if you haven’t already as learning how to make a beginners candle is not included in the Advanced Candle Making. 

*If you are considering the Ignite Your Creativity Course the Advanced & Beginners are both included within. 

*All digital courses are non refundable