Advanced Candle Making

Have you finished your online Candle Making Made Easy and ready to take your fun candle making to the next level? 

Attendees are loving the online Advanced Candle Making course –  you get to make so much more than the in-person candle making workshop. 

The exciting thing is you make an additional 4 items that you wouldn’t have the time to create at the in-person workshops at my studio. 

Over 500 people have now completed the online courses in 11 countries since lock down! 

*If you are looking to sell your candles,  create a business with 1-1 support then Build a Candle Business course is for you. 


Here is what are you going to make?

9 items and two bonus items

1. Wood wick

2. Pillar candle

3, Multi wick candle

4. Embed mold candle

5. Beeswax wrap candle

6. Colouring a candle

7. Diffuser

8. Wax melts

9. Own Vessel

* 2 Bonus items – Solid Melt & Pour Soap and Organic Liquid Castile Soap. 

I told you there’s a lot to make didn’t I? You’re going to be a busy bee!

Includes downloads for suppliers in the UK, North America and Australia, Health & Safety, suppliers list, candle troubleshooting guide & workbook. 

Support in the Coaching Worldwide Facebook Group 

Please complete the Candle Making Made Easy if you haven’t already as learning how to make a beginners candle is not included in the Advanced Candle Making. 


Online course FAQ’s

*If you are considering the Build a Candle Business Online course the Advanced & Beginners are both included in it. 

*All digital courses are non refundable – please book a call with me if you have any questions prior to starting. 

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Hey candle lovers! 

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