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7 Tips to kickstart your candle business

1.Make sure you enjoy making candles! What kind of candles are you going to make –




Which market are you aiming for? This is very important to determine this at the beginning, you don’t want to spend time creating candles then realise they don’t fit into the market you are selling to.

7 tips to kickstart your candle business

2. Decide on the name of your candle business – easy to spell, search Google for other companies of that name, make sure if it is unusual that it is not an offensive word in another country. Are the website domains available for your candle business use like .com & .co.uk, use Go Daddy or 123 reg to search, is your candle business name unique? search Companies House for other businesses. *Try not to use numbers and underscores

3. Secure the social media channels for your candle business, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter for the name you have chosen.

social media channels

4. Do a business plan for your candle business.

5. Use Mailchimp (free to start with) or similar to build your email list from the very beginning.

6. Use Canva to create your brand for your candle business, font’s brand colours, styling (free to start with)

7. Build a website on Shopify or WIX, (plans from £15 a month for an e commerce site with WIX) make it super easy for your customer to buy. Don’t make it difficult for your customers to purchase from you, if they have to click two or three times they will leave and go elsewhere. My website is a bit older and built on WordPress.

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