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7 simple reasons to use Soy wax candles

7 simple reasons to use soy wax candles.

Whether buying or making soy wax candles here are 7 Reasons to consider using soy wax  candles over candles made from a by-product of the oil industry.

I get asked this a lot, i mean A LOT,  what makes a Jo Macfarlane soy wax candle different from the £2.99 candle you can buy at a high street retailer. Firstly I am by no means an ECO warrior (princess ahem!) but considering the environment is an absolute must. When i first began candle making I bought all sorts of equipment, wire core wicks and other kinds of ‘wax’ before I did research. They are still in the cupboard! For me soy was the only way to start, I couldn’t consider burning something other than natural vegetable wax. Let alone create candles for you with something I wouldn’t burn myself.

I don’t add any colourings, although they look pretty, additives that adhere or suck the wax away from the glass. I prefer to provide you with an all natural looking and awesome scented candle.

Below is a summary of the 7 reasons but you can read my blog here http://www.jomacfarlane.com/blog to discover more about Soy wax.

In summary

1 soy wax candles burn cooler.

2 soy wax is sustainable for American farmers.

3 Soy candles are eco-friendly, natural and derived from vegetables.

4 Soy wax is biodegradable, you can wash it off your hands, clothes easily with soap and water.

5 Soy candles have a great ‘cold scent throw’ so even if your candle isn’t lit you can smell it.

6 Soy candles burns cleaner.

7 Soy candles burn longer.

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