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3 Ways to get out your comfort zone while wfh

Something we never thought we would have to adapt to has become the new norm. Working from home was novel in the beginning taking time out to bake, zoom pub quiz with the family, crafting and redecorating our homes. Before long I think a lot of us fell into a mundane routine. How do you mix up your WFH? I thought i’d share mine with you. I continued to work behind the scenes on the business with my studio closed. I pivoted the business to create an additional two online courses to add to the Ignite Your Creativity – build your own business course, and these are 3 things that I did to get out my comfort zone in lockdown to mix things up.

Here are my top 3

  1. Join a new online organisation – I joined the Allbright in London, the digital membership and nervously started attending their online events such as their weekly breakfast networking on a Friday, fabulous talks, wine and book club nights. I don’t have a great deal of time to physically network so this has been an amazing opportunity to meet fellow business women.

2. Change up where you work – The sofa was kinda comfy next to the stoked log burner but I made sure to utilise the space around my home (avoiding bed) to mix things up. I loved standing to work at my kitchen Unit and think i’m going to invest in one of these from Huxlo . I’d love to hear from you if you have one already. jo@jomacfarlane.com

Standing Desk

According to the Heart Foundation www.theheartfoundation.org ‘is Sitting the new smoking’ The study found that people who sit the most, compared to people who sit the least, have a greater risk of disease and death: 112% increased risk of diabetes. 147% increased risk of cardiovascular events like heart attack and stroke. 90% increased risk of death from cardiovascular events.

3. Dress to the shoes – You don’t ever have to image what kind of slippers I am wearing if you have a zoom call with me, i’ll be dressed to the shoes (even a spray of perfume), and maybe the highest pair I own! Showering and getting completely dressed even when you aren’t seeing anyone is so important for our mental health. Every single day of lockdown I set the alarm, and got fully dressed, makeup and all. Although for those of you who know me, know I won’t even take my bins out without makeup on.

Dress to the shoes.

Image courtesy of Cleo Vermij


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