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2 Crazy facts candle makers do

2 Crazy facts candle makers do

I read about these 2 crazy facts candle makers do recently and felt I had to share . How common is it? I don’t know, i’d love if you could get in touch if you have experienced it. As the fragrance oils are the most expensive part of candle making, work this out yourself.

Only scenting the candle wick

Unbelievable but apparently some companies are only scenting the wick of the candle. So essentially you will get the scent all the way to the end of the candle, just not through the wax. I buy ready braided and waxed wicks, so you could actually put the fragrance in the wax coating on the wick.


Only scenting the top 1mm

So you would pour your candle as normal with unscented wax and leave the top 1 or 2mm. Once the unscented wax had set you would then scent a tiny amount of wax and coat it on the top. So in effect when you next smell that yummy candle in the shop it might only last for the first burn.

I’d love to hear from you if you have heard of any occasions where you suspect this might have happened. When people ask what the difference is between my candles and a candle priced under £5 this is one of the many reasons. I’ll be covering a lot of other candle issues in further blogs.

Ok I know I said 2 crazy things but this has just recently popped up since drafting this blog. What are your thoughts ?  Dropping the liquid scent into the already melted burn pool of the unscented candle with a dropper. Seems plain crazy, I don’t recommend it but would love to hear if anyone does this.


If you have any feedback on any of these things discussed please get in touch, i’m on social media, i’d love to hear from you.

Jo x



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